Lunar Eclipse June 2011 Google Doodle Pictures,Moon Eclipse Videos

2011 Lunar Eclipse

Google is always like different..Today Google home page displayed a real time lunar Eclipse.Google updated lunar eclipse in the bottom of  its home page Doodle from lunar eclipse visible countries.
What's lunar eclipse?

Sun,Earth & moon are in a Straight Line.It's earth,comes between moon & sun in such a way that moon is hidden in shadow cast by earth.

This time around the world,lunar eclipse viewed more than 95minutes(time mentioned below).Previously this same duration of total lunar eclipse has been viewed on July 2000.Then we will wait for next Full lunar eclipse like today's eclipse only on 2141.
2011 Lunar Eclipse Time

Total Eclipse from 0.52AM (IST) to 2.32AM(IST).
Partial lunar eclipse from 11.52PM (IST) to 3.32AM(IST).


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