Women's World Cup Football 2011 Winners,fixtures,TV Schedule Printable

2011 Women's World Cup Football
Date Time(Local Time) FIFA Teams 2011 Results-Winners
Sunday, June 26 6:00 PM Germany vs Canada Match 1:Canada
Sunday, June 26 3:00 PM Nigeria vs France Match 2:France
Monday, June 27 3:00 PM Japan vs New Zealand Match 3:New Zealand
Monday, June 27 6:00 PM Mexico vs England Match 4:England
Tuesday, June 28 6:15 PM USA vs Korea DPR Match 5:Korea DPR
Tuesday, June 28 3:00 PM Colombia vs Sweden Match 6:Sweden
Wednesday, June 29 6:15 PM Brazil vs Australia Match 7:Full Details
Wednesday, June 29 3:00 PM Norway vs Equatorial Guinea Match 8:Full Details
Thursday, June 30 8:45 PM Germany vs Nigeria Match 9:Full Details
Thursday, June 30 6:00 PM Canada vs France Match 10:Full Details
Friday, July 01 3:00 PM Japan vs Mexico Match 11:Full Details
Friday, July 01 6:15 PM New Zealand vs England Match 12:Full Details
Saturday, July 02 6:00 PM USA vs Colombia Match 13:Full Details
Saturday, July 02 2:00 PM Korea DPR vs Sweden Match 14:Full Details
Sunday, July 03 6:15 PM Brazil vs Norway Match 15:Full Details
Sunday, July 03 2:00 PM Australia vs Equatorial Guinea Match 16:Full Details
Tuesday, July 05 8:45 PM France vs Germany Match 17:Full Details
Tuesday, July 05 8:45 PM Canada vs Nigeria Match 18:Full Details
Tuesday, July 05 6:15 PM England vs Japan Match 19:Full Details
Tuesday, July 05 6:15 PM New Zealand vs Mexico Match 20:Full Details
Wednesday, July 06 8:45 PM Sweden vs USA Match 21:Full Details
Wednesday, July 06 8:45 PM Korea DPR vs Colombia Match 22:Full Details
Wednesday, July 06 6:00 PM Equatorial Guinea vs Brazil Match 23:Full Details
Wednesday, July 06 6:00 PM Australia vs Norway Match 24:Full Details
Saturday, July 09 8:45 PM GROUP A 1st vs GROUP B 2nd Match 25:1st QUARTER FINALS
Saturday, July 09 6:00 PM GROUP B 1st vs GROUP A 2nd Match 26:2nd QUARTER FINALS
Sunday, July 10 1:00 PM GROUP C 1st vs GROUP D 2nd Match 27:3rd QUARTER FINALS
Sunday, July 10 5:30 PM GROUP D 1st vs GROUP C 2nd Match 28:4th QUARTER FINALS
Wednesday, July 13 8:45 PM 25th Match Winner vs 27th Match Winner Match 29:1st SEMI FINALS
Wednesday, July 13 6:00 PM 26th Match Winner vs 28th Match Winner Match 30:2nd SEMI FINALS
Saturday, July 16 5:30 PM 29th Match Loser vs 30th Match Loser Match 31:3rd Place Match
Sunday, July 17 8:45 PM 29th Winners vs 30th Winners Match 32:Final
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