Children's Day Google Doodle 7Yrs old Varsha Gupta Nehru Birthday

Google Doodle on Jawaharlal Nehru Birthday

Google Doodle celebrated India Children's Day on its Google Home page doodle today on 14th November 2011.

In this Google Doodle is special for all indians because it's doodle designed by one of the indian child Ryan International School 3rd standard(7 year old) student Varsha Gupta from Greater Noida.
Google Doodle Meaning:
India has a many different cultures and music is the one of the important role in Indian life style.
Different musical instruments from india,some of the examples below...
Goddess Saraswati - Veena
God Shiv - damaru
Lord Krishna - flute
Zakir Hussain  - Tabla Mastro
Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma - Santoor


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